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Law + Politics

Rajie & Rocco Impromptu Video Reaction to New Restrictions in Ontario, CA

Hi Guys! After hearing about the restrictions today we decided to do a little off the cuff video. How many of you were surprised by douggies announcement today? Many saw this coming a long time ago and that email that was supposedly ‘leaked’ back in October by the MP’s office,

A Piece of the Rocco

“Conspiracy Theorists”, “Conspiracies”, “Covidism” & “Reality”

Everyone has heard the label, accusation, and dismissal of a statement or proposition, by the terse and blunt attack of the person, and not the person’s assertion: “conspiracy theorist”. What does it mean? Well, objectively nothing to no-one. It is like “nice”. Everyone uses the word but objectively it is

Law + Politics

Why are Farmers in India Protesting?

They are calling it the largest protest in world history. The Punjabi Kisan Protests have not only made international waves with solidarity protests but they are also touching the hearts of millions around the world.While the protests started in the Indian states of Punjab and Harayan, Hundreds of thousands of


What’s the Beef with Adamson BBQ?

Rajie was on scene the first day Adamson BBQ opened, defying lock-down measures. A LOT has changed within a week. Hear Adam’s side of the story and please USE YOUR DISCERNMENT when formulating options/judgments.