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Medical Censorships and the Harms of Lockdowns [Video]

[VIDEO at Bottom]Freedom of expression is enshrined in our Constitution, and is imperative in a free and democratic society, as it underpins other human rights, such as the freedoms of thought, conscience, association and assembly. Free expression is vital to robust and open debate in order to formulate sound and


Where Your Stress and Anxiety Actually Come From

Author: Rajie Kabli I recently had the pleasure of going to the HeartMath Institute in Boulder, California. I really had no idea what to expect from an organization that studies the power and intelligence of the heart, but I imagined something simultaneously clinical and inviting, as paradoxical as that may sound. My

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Why are Farmers in India Protesting?

They are calling it the largest protest in world history. The Punjabi Kisan Protests have not only made international waves with solidarity protests but they are also touching the hearts of millions around the world.While the protests started in the Indian states of Punjab and Harayan, Hundreds of thousands of


Rajie & Rocco go LIVE

Rajie and Rocco’s share their reaction to restaurant Closures, speak about knowing your rights , and field your questions.


What’s the Beef with Adamson BBQ?

Rajie was on scene the first day Adamson BBQ opened, defying lock-down measures. A LOT has changed within a week. Hear Adam’s side of the story and please USE YOUR DISCERNMENT when formulating options/judgments.