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In the House: SE1 EP1- Are We Entering The Age of Aquarius?

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Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for watching. We are living in one of the most memorable moments in our life time. I sat down of Toronto Astrologer, Carmen Di Luccio and discussed the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the sky and what that means and how will entering the Air element reflect for humanity. Carmen isn’t as convinced as some, that we are entering into the age of Aquarius…he makes an interesting point from an astrological perspective.

Solstice exact time is 5:03am EST 7:03AM UST Monday December 21/2020

Set some intentions, if you wish. This is a great seeding period. You can set some intentions by writing them down in your journal, meditate on them,or light a candle to signify the light returning with your intentions. You can also simply quietly go inward and see what is there, waiting for you.

Don’t forget to keep looking up. We got this!

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